Who we are


This firm is the continuation of another founded in 1977, which one of its partners had 10 years of litigation experience. The remaining partner re-founded our present firm in its current fashion in 1985.



Originally, it was oriented to deal with matters that required a different attention, to that normally given by internal counsels and corporate and exclusively litigation firms.
We have been perfecting our ability to react to
exceptional needs.


In a small period of time, the growth of the economy and the increase of commercial disputes favored this objective; its repetition has caused it to be our work methodology for more than 30 years.


Personalized Attention

The latter caused the firm to be in a very competitive position. To maintain our level of service, we decided to constrain the number of cases of certain complexity, in
order to have control over those to which we are
already committed.


In a brief time, we perceived, what is now evident to us, that an inadequate or repetitive delegation causes mistakes that emphasize in complex cases that demand counsels that should be previously filtered and trained. Therefore, we decided to maintain a number of cases that allows us control and the ability to render an exceptional service, personal and of immediate response. This is our permanent philosophy, in which we train the young advocates joining the firm.


Time has proven that this decisions have not lessen our competitiveness, to the contrary, they ground our stable and solid growth, that in the long term produced a clear decrease of costs to the client and to the firm.


Excellence and Quality

Quality is to provide each client with what he wants and needs as a consumer of a legal service, (i) results, with real and practical solutions, and (ii) a proper attorney conduct, marked by availability, reliability, honesty, clear communication and loyalty.


Excellence is making an effort to allow us to state, genuinely, that we could not do better.

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